Letters to the Editor

From the week of February 15

Gary Cogill
Film critic, WFAA-Channel 8

Havenít I Seen This?
Pathetic show: I think before your occasionally-in-town-because- I'm-in-London-and-I've-seen-truly- startling-and-inventive-work art critic decides to whip out a critical review of Dallas artists based on the ridiculous show at 500X Gallery ("Consider the Copycat," January 11), she needs to take a closer look.

She was very astute in her observation that most of this show looks like well-known artists of our time. What she fails to step back and notice is the fact that a museum curator selected this show! He chose 46 artists out of a field of about 200. About the only thing you got right in your review, Ms. Rees, was Nancy Mladenoff and Catherine Chauvin's work. They were the only artists chosen that had much merit. Yes, you can always second-guess a juried show, but two of 46 is pretty pathetic. It's too bad they couldn't have a slide projector running during the opening and show the work the juror did not deem worthy.

Norman Kary

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