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From what we've heard, when the Psychedelic Furs' reunion tour hits Dallas and Deep Ellum Live on April 2, drummer-for-hire Earl Harvin will be manning the tubs. So while Richard Butler and company might not have the sense to leave their history well enough alone, at least they know who to call when a new drummer is in order. And no, we're not talking 'bout the Ghostbusters...

Here's one that's making the rounds: When Lift to Experience heads out on its upcoming European tour, the band will be opening up for Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, a.k.a. Stephen Malkmus, his bassist-girlfriend and the poor bastard who has to schlep from town to town with the two. Not sure about this one, though it's a bit more reasonable than the other band LTE has been rumored to be opening for: Radiohead. At this point, the only thing that would surprise us is if Jesus Christ dropped by The Shack to jam with Mugzu. Actually, that wouldn't be too surprising. We hear he wails, by the way...

To the gentleman who inquired recently why we've never seen or heard anything that Sonya Jevette, Chattervox, Tarrytown, The Touch, Annagrey, Tiffany Shea, 3 Shot West, Gropius, Courtney Fairchild, Kristy Kruger, Blackwood Avenue or Naked Singularity have done, or why we're not at the open-mic nights, diva showcases, comedy clubs-cum-metal dives or kicking it with bands that rise "like a phoenix out of the ashes of uncertainty," we'll answer that with a multiple-choice question. We were ________. [choose one: a) paying silent tribute to ZZ Top via facial hair and long, soulful air-guitar solos, b) finally getting to the bottom of that whole "lone gunman" thing, c) slowly but surely assembling a crack strike team (code name: Attack Force Z, after the Mel Gibson vehicle of the same name) to eliminate Fred Durst, d) training Mark Cuban to play small forward for the Mavs (he's got a decent jumper, but he can't go left) or e) rocking and/or rolling.] Re: your request for more coverage, we'll get right on it. Just as soon as Cuban learns to take it to the hole with authority. After all, $2 billion may buy you pretty much anything in the world, but an inside game is priceless...

Earl Harvin, drummer-at-large
Earl Harvin, drummer-at-large

Bad news for tinnitus, in some cases: The New Year plays the Gypsy Tea Room on March 30 with Austin's fantastic Knife in the Water; Centro-matic and Pleasant Grove are at Curtain Club on March 29; Pony League, featuring erstwhile Radish drummer John Kent, opens for Cursive on March 31 at the Galaxy Club. And, oh yeah, vote in the 2001 Dallas Observer Music Awards, either online at or on the ballot in this week's music section. Do it. Now.

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