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Disaster strikes. Or does it?

OK, so you forgot to vote in the 2001 Dallas Observer Music Awards. No big deal; other voters picked up the ball you dropped and ran with it, picked up your slack, covered for you. Everything's fine. Really. Even though you don't deserve it (hey!), you can still participate. We'll be handing out the awards at a big shindig on April 17 at the Gypsy Tea Room, with performances by Baboon, The Toadies, The Telefones, The Deathray Davies and Slobberbone. And there will be a few special guests mixed in as well, including Mark Griffin (probably better known as MC 900 Foot Jesus), a former Telefone who will be taking the stage with his old bandmates for a set that, we can assure you, is worth coming out for. Tickets are free, so you have no excuse. Check for ticket info and what-have-you. And we'll see you there. But please, keep threats of violence to a minimum. Can't stress that enough.

Here's a scenario for you to think about for a second: A band signs to a major label and, over the course of five years or so, releases three critically acclaimed albums. They are not commercially successful, though--somewhat, sure, but not really successful. Each one sells better than the next, but the group's press clippings still outweigh its sales figures. While the band appears to be turning the corner, making inroads, as they say, with its latest effort, it's too soon to say if this will be the disc that will vault them to the top or even the comfortable middle. It's only been in stores for a few weeks, maybe a month, so predictions are meaningless at this point, worthless as five-day forecasts.

Who is this guy? Why, a Telefone, of course.
Annalisa Pessin
Who is this guy? Why, a Telefone, of course.

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