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The Adventures of Jet sets the record straight

In the extremely near future, New Jersey's Solarmanite Records will release Many Miles Away, a compilation of bands covering songs by The Police. Haven't heard of most of the bands on the disc, but here's why you might care: Many Miles Away features [DARYL]'s version of "Truth Hits Everybody" and the pAper chAse's take on "Wrapped Around Your Finger." Figure a few copies of the album will trickle down into the D-D-FW area soon, and if you can't wait, Solarmanite is accepting pre-orders via its Web site, Just get one so we don't have to type Solarmanite again...

Following former drummer Cody Lee's lead, Burette and Gabby Douglas are ready to move beyond Buck Jones, with a new band, The Cush, and a new album on the way. The disc is finished, and Burette and Gabby say it should be out sometime in May, probably closer to the end of the month. If you want a sneak peak, head to Or you can wait until the band plays its first show, which will apparently be soon. We could have made that even more vague. Don't tempt us...

Other bands with records in the works: Viva Maxitone is finishing up work on its debut disc (as-yet-untitled, or we didn't get a title, at least), due out this summer on Idol Records. And Early Lines is recording at this very moment with Steve Albini and Bob Weston at Electrical Audio in Chicago. ("They'll record anybody--even us," Early Lines' Dan Doyle says.) Following up last year's Tired Beasts, the album, Hate the Living/Love the Dead, should be out in June. Should, meaning could, meaning who knows when.

The Staggers play an all-ages show at Blue Cat Blues on April 29.
The Staggers play an all-ages show at Blue Cat Blues on April 29.

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