The Morning News sells its, uh, soul for Boeing

If you want to know why Boeing picked Chicago, you have to read another paper. I chose the Star-Telegram (not blameless in this beauty contest, but not so dirty as its competitor), because it has a local perspective. Here's a quote from the Star-T's coverage you didn't see in the Morning News:

"Boeing officials alluded to some of the factors that influenced the decision. John Warner, who led Boeing's site selection team, said the company considered 'transportation infrastructure,' referring in part to public transportation systems, and 'things that affect quality of life--education, transportation, culture, recreation, climate.'"

So if an honest newspaper took a serious look at those quality-of-life issues--except for climate, because that's a wash; there it's 20 below, here it's 108 degrees--then Chicago is a natural choice. What really could we do to impress them in those areas? Take them to the zoo on the DART train from Mockingbird Station, stop off on the way back for some Baker's Ribs? Show off our architecture? What does that mean, driving down Interstate 30 from one David Schwartz-built stadium to another?

Boeing chairman Phil Condit tells Dallas, "Hey, tough nuts."
AP/Wide World
Boeing chairman Phil Condit tells Dallas, "Hey, tough nuts."

Sorry, but as much as I love it here, I realize people don't think about culture or public transportation when they think of Dallas. They think of those things when they consider Chicago. The Tribune knows that, but you didn't read such blatant chest-thumping in the pages of that paper. It knows that would look whorish.

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