Fools Rush In

Who needs a pitcher when you don't have a catcher?

Tom Hicks, team owner and impatient sugar daddy, "confirmed" that statement in a recent press conference. Take it for what it's worth--a transparent attempt at crowd control. They want to cow you, the fans, so you don't riot like European soccer goons. Don't be fooled: If the Rangers see a trade they think will help, No. 7 won't be here any longer. It may not come during the season. They might wait until all the commotion has died, but it's still possible, and it will linger. Now, if a team comes offering frankincense, myrrh and Randy Johnson, that's one thing. To send one of the club's, and baseball's, best players away for a bushel of "sure-things," though, is quite another. It's called Bad Karma. (See media guide: Thompson, J.)

No, for the horrible PR disaster that would surely ensue if Pudge were shipped elsewhere, you need something proven. And if you haven't taken inventory lately, accredited pitchers are as rare as the Manus Island Tree Snail, so getting one will require larceny, at the least. The task will be difficult. Not impossible, but difficult, so what is needed are sound decisions rather than rash knee-jerks. If that means dismantling the club or dishing Pudge in the right situation in order to rebuild, then so be it. Provided, that is, the Rangers don't repeat prior, egregious mistakes. Provided they don't trade in their limo for, essentially, a dream and a lifetime bus pass.

"Y'all keep asking us what's wrong, but we don't know," Thompson offers, clutching a piece of paper that must surely be a DART ticket. "I mean, look around. With the names we have, it just doesn't make sense."

Justin Thompson was supposed to be the Rangers’ ace. Instead, he’s the team albatross.
Justin Thompson was supposed to be the Rangers’ ace. Instead, he’s the team albatross.

Well, doesn't it?

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