Ganging Up, Parrott Uncaged

If it wasn't for Lois Parrott and Hollis Brashear, who had the courage to stand up for what was right and what was wrong with the school system, there wouldn't be any Dr. Moses to lead us out of the wilderness of crime and corruption that has permeated the system. I am proud of Lois Parrott and Hollis Brashear. They had the guts to put their names on the ballot and run for office and to stand up and say what they knew was morally wrong and bad for the school district. This took courage. It's easy to sit back and criticize when you can hide behind newspaper print rather than face the public. Don't kill the messenger just because the messenger may bring news you don't want to hear.

When you're criticizing the school board and particularly Lois, remember, as Laura Miller said, this is the school board that brought us Dr. Moses.

Mrs. T.D. (Ethyel) Stallings

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