The Horror, Losing Battle, Look in the Mirror, Keeping the Cows Happy

If they want to ruin their lives, turn them loose and pray for them, as that is where their answers truly are. All of this effort is a losing battle. Can't or won't the responsible parties see that, or are they making too good of a living letting the dog chase its tail?

Jim Potts

Look in the Mirror

Absurdity of finger-pointing: The reason the alcohol signs at the hockey games ("White Boys and Booze," September 6) don't get Whitey all riled up is when minorities commit crimes the leaders of said groups look immediately to point the finger at others. And the white liberal media tend to back off on the absurdity of such finger-pointing out of fear of being labeled racists.

When Whitey points the finger at others, Whitey is reminded that the other three fingers on the pointing hand are facing back at him.

Jeffrey Chern
Via e-mail

Keeping the Cows Happy

Brutally blunt: I like your review of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back ("White Dopes on Dope," August 23). It is biting and brutally blunt. It is obvious that you adore it even less than I. You are right that Kevin Smith's only interesting movie is Chasing Amy, while Dogma is so bad that it's not worth a 50-cent rental fee.

I believe the United States needs many more critics like you so that we don't have to endure all these movies with plots adequate for none but cows.

Raymond Lamm
Via e-mail

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