Buzz looks back on 2001 and proves once again that the boy just ain't normal

Rocker road: The Rangers acquire controversial relief pitcher John Rocker in a trade with the Cleveland Indians. Rocker, who won notoriety and a suspension for making disparaging comments about foreigners, minorities and homosexuals in an interview two years ago, says he hopes to put the past behind him and become part of the community. "I'm even thinking of joining a country club," he says. "Anyone know of a good one around here?"

And finally...: Don Venable, the former Dallas school board member, political gadfly and frequent character in Buzz, is, as far as we know, still alive and kicking. We mention this not because he has done anything noteworthy lately but because he called us earlier in the year to complain that Buzz had referred to him in a column but did not insult, ridicule or otherwise malign him. He felt slighted. Buzz admires that kind of bring-it-on spirit, and to make amends we offer him and everyone else who bothered to read this far these parting words: Here's hoping you have a much better year. For those of you who didn't read this far, up yours.

Dorit Rabinovitch
Dorit Rabinovitch

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