Pants on Fire

Plus: Machismo gone wrong, In painful detail, Miller-obsessed

Mr. me what you've got! Where are your plans for any of the major economic issues facing Dallas? What are your plans to revitalize downtown? Can you vote on this or will you have to recuse yourself because of your large real estate holdings? What have you presented to leaders of the Southern sector of Dallas? I've not seen or heard a thing.

I'm confused, Mr. Dunning. How can you base your stewardship of a city upon such a weak foundation? I think I understand the reason why your campaign is so either don't have a plan or your stand on major issues is so weak that it won't stand the light and scrutiny of the "great unwashed."

Don't sell us short, Mr. Dunning. Debate Ms. Miller on the issues, show us your plan and vision and you might achieve your major goal as bring people together. Show us what you've got! Time's a wastin', Mr. Dunning.

Steve Miller

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