Like Father, Like Son

Plus: Miller the Unifier, Second-guessing Goya, Lucy Is a Band

Rather than waiting until the last paragraph to mention the rare opportunity to see first-edition prints of these works, she should have said so in her first paragraph, as I doubt too many readers suffered her long lecture to the end.

Why does she not mention the creative setting in which they are presented, at the very least? I do believe she chose to be too harsh in her criticism of the museum, as there is little known explanation for the displayed Goya works.

A. McGhee

Lucy Is a Band

More than a chick: I have been a fan/friend of Lucy Loves Schroeder ("What's the Story?" February 14) for four years and have read everything written about them. Shannon Sutlief's story is the single best piece I have ever read on them. Thank you so much for writing such a great article.

Shoshana Portnoy

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