Transcendental Blues

Remembering Yeti and Ohm's Doug Ferguson

"He just found them," says Matt Ferguson, Doug's younger brother by four years. "It was Doug magic. He could tell you every piece of musical equipment in every pawn shop within a 200-mile radius for the last 15 years. It was sort of his mission to put the vintage synths to use, because if he didn't buy it, then somebody would buy it and probably tear it apart or not really use it or not fully appreciate the majesty of what it was."

The past couple of years he held annual garage sales when people would come from as far as Colorado and New Mexico to take a crack at Ferguson's extra pieces of equipment. Few of them, though, knew how to use them like Ferguson did.

"He was a real cornerstone and a huge inspiration to a lot of people," Dover says. "I know Jon has said every piece he plays for the rest of his life will be dedicated to Doug. And I can pretty much say the same thing."


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Club Clearview

Ferguson told the Dallas Observer's Philip Chrissopoulos in 1997: "Music is a spiritual thing to me. It helps keep my sanity. I play music to heal. It is music to escape and think things through. Someone gave a definition of psychedelic music, and I wholeheartedly agree with it. He said that psychedelic music takes the negative aspects of life and transcends them."

Selected Discography

Ohm, O2 (Timothy's Brain) 1997

Vas Deferens Organization, Zyzzybaloubab (Aether) 1997

Tone Float, Musik Von Tone Float (Timothy's Brain) 1998

Vas Deferens Organization, The Idiot Parade (Eerie Materials) 1999

Vas Deferens Organization, Drug Bubbles (Tekito) 1999

Frankie Teardrop, "Electro-Acoustic Rollercoaster Ride/Aphrodite's Lullaby" (Two Ohm Hop) 1999

Muz, Banana in Portuguese (Tekito) 1999

Ohm, Voices (Two Ohm Hop) 1999

Yeti, Things to Come... (Two Ohm Hop) 2000

Subarachnoid Space, A New and Exact Map (September Gurls) 2000

Ohm, Raw Ohm (Mizmaze/Snowdonia) 2001

Vas Deferens Organization, "Tilt?" (Beta-Lactam Ring) 2002

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