Prison, Sweet Prison

Bill Everett thanks Jesus he's behind bars, for real.

One thing sets him apart from many of his fellow inmates. He unequivocally takes responsibility for his crime and the behaviors that got him there. "It makes all the difference in how well one is able to deal with his time," Everett wrote in a letter. "If someone goes around blaming everyone but who is responsible for his crime, he will neverbe able to make positive use of his time. He will never change or solve the problems which brought him here.

"I see guys all the time who want to blame the judge or the DA or their lawyer and in the next breath talk about how when they get out the first thing they're going to do is sell some dope or rob someone to get back on their feet."

Everett doesn't think he'll be one of those. His father, though, remembers Bill the liar. "A model inmate--I believe that they believe that," he says. "He can be the biggest little brown-noser you ever saw. The parent in me hopes it's true."

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