That Frozen Concoction

What's up with all the different margaritas?

Tequila is the spirit distilled from the spiny agave plant. By Mexican law--for whatever that's worth--tequila must contain at least 51 percent agave. Several years ago, however, an infection struck agave plants, knocking back production. At the same time, American consumers discovered high-end sipping tequilas. As a result, prices for tequila soared, and some establishments began experimenting with other neutral spirits, including vodka and Everclear.

"I've had an Absolut margarita, and it doesn't taste bad," Aubuschon says. "But you don't get that agave flavor."

So in answer to this week's Burning Question, we can only shrug. It seems curious that a trend toward sweeter margaritas with less kick coexists with an interest in single malt scotches, small batch...ooohhh...bourbons and high-end vodkas. But, as Aubuschon says, "People will try to come up with gimmick drinks all the time."

And as an alcohol consultant, he should know.

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