Bob Hoofs North

The Plano version of Bob's Steak and Chophouse stays true to form--mysterious carrot and all

So far, none of this expansion has compromised Bob's thick muscular core. The Plano venue maintains Bob's skill with meat. The only point of sub-grand performance that we found was with the 9-ounce prime filet mignon. It was a good steak, but it lacked the gushing provocative juicy richness Bob's has elevated to a religious experience. Plus, it was on the dry side, cooked though it was to a perfect medium hue.

But the prime rib eye remained true to form. The rosy-cored medium-rare steak was tender and slammed with lots of juicy flavor, a dripping carnivorous orgy of cardiovascular excess.

Surprisingly, even the lamb chops created floods of saliva. Six ribs were tethered by sweet, silky meat fibers that were tender and lush: no sinewy strings or gristly knots that can sometimes erupt in lesser bone-studded lamb.

Wood. Booze. Antlers. Meat. Yes, girls are allowed at Bob's.
Stephen Karlisch
Wood. Booze. Antlers. Meat. Yes, girls are allowed at Bob's.

Location Info


Bob's Steak & Chophouse

5760 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX 75024

Category: Restaurant > Steak House

Region: Plano


972-608-BOBS (2627). Open for dinner 5 p.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 5 p.m.-11 p.m. Friday & Saturday.
The Shops at Legacy, 5760 Legacy Drive, Suite B-1, Plano

The staple stud in a Bob's plate, the thing that forms a sort of culinary speed bump between the meat and the potatoes (indulge yourself with baked, smashed or skillet-fried in gravy), is the immense, thick glazed carrot that runs lengthwise on the plate. A writer at the Dallas Observer's sister paper in San Francisco, SF Weekly, dubbed the root plant an "absurd (not to mention phallic) trademark..." Despite what you might think, this wasn't a compliment. It's a mystery as to why this thick fleshy stalk keeps appearing on Bob's plates. The unappetizing nature of this long-running standard makes one wonder how many of them end up as Dumpster filler.

Then again, if the dangled carrot ain't broke...

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