Cat Scratch Fever

Plus: Good to The Bone, Eat Your Heart Out, Do the Perp Walk

Leanne Hedrick
El Paso

Groceries sell: Four pages devoted to a grocery store opening? Is this the trade-out for dumping the sex ads?

J. Romig

Do the Perp Walk

Poor, poor Al Lipscomb: I had to simply tell you how much I enjoyed "Inquiring Minds" (August 1). I am so tired of having none of the crooks held accountable for their actions! I had read the stuff The Dallas Morning News had printed about poor, poor Al Lipscomb being mistreated...ack. So I was pleased to see someone besides me not understanding how he could have been a thief for so long and the local newspaper feel it was not a newsworthy item. Now I want to see someone address why no one from Enron has yet to be arrested, but the guys from WorldCom have already done the perp walk on national TV.

J. Richards

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