Think Mink

Michael Irvin recounts the infamous scissors incident and some other Cowboys tales

Oh, yeah. Definitely.

Will you end up in there?

Yes. How couldn't I? I shattered every Cowboy record, you know. Sometimes when we talk about football honors, I have to watch, because not only [are people] considering the numbers I put up, but the things that went on off the field. Same thing with the Hall of Fame--you still have to consider those things. But there are people who have input on who goes in the Hall of Fame, and we all get pretty judgmental. So, Hall of Fame I wonder about, but Ring of Honor, there's no doubt.

Steven Dewall

Everybody's looking at you; everybody's watching to see if you've really changed. Do you ever think, "What if I slip up?"

All the time. How can you not? I think we do so much harm by pretending that once you come in [to Christianity], it's roses from there. That's a lie. That's when the fight starts...It wasn't a fight before, because I just did whatever I wanted to do.

Have you had to separate yourself from some of your old friends?

They separate themselves from me. If you get to talking about God enough, they'll leave, don't worry. I mean, we're not doing the same things. I'm going to church, man; I'm going to Bible study Wednesday night. All those phone calls dwindle down; they all dwindle down. Either I'm going to do the things you're doing, or you're going to come do the things I'm doing.

Do you still have the mink?

Yes. The resale on minks isn't that good, so I've got to wear it out. And when I go places, they always say, "That's the mink, man; that's the mink you wore into court, right?" They know it, they know that mink.

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