Plus: Dalbie and Tex, A List

4) The Dream Backfield. In 1986, the titillating idea of a Herschel Walker-Tony Dorsett backfield was all you heard about. It didn't pan out for two reasons: injuries, and because Tex Schramm couldn't convince his pals in the NFL it would be a better game if they played it with two balls instead of one.

5) Alexander Wright, wide receiver, 1990-'92. A great athlete who wasn't a very good football player, Wright was one of Jimmy Johnson's few misses.

6) Alonzo Spellman, defensive tackle, 1999-'00. Far more interesting when he had a platinum Mohawk and was holed up in a Motel 6 on the Jersey Turnpike with guns, scotch and blondes.

Jeff Liles
Mark Graham
Jeff Liles

7) The End-of-Career Pickup. Some of them worked out magnificently (John Dutton, Efren Herrera, Rafael Septien). Others, while their best days were behind them, chipped in here and there (Lance Alworth, Mike Ditka, Herb Adderley, Billy Truax, Forrest Gregg). But even more had clearly had it by the time they came to Dallas to collect retirement checks (Tommy McDonald, J.D. Smith, Buddy Dial, Bobby Joe Conrad and poor Jackie Smith, a category all his own).

8) Darren Benson, defensive tackle, 1995-'98. For a guy who just wanted to be left alone to make his way through this world as a roofer, we sure heard a lot about how great he was going to be.

9) Larry Brown, cornerback, 1991-'95, '98. For a change, it was someone else doing the overrating--namely, the Oakland Raiders--and it's always nice to see them take it in the shorts.

10) Houston Texans 19, Cowboys 10. This doesn't exactly fit the theme of the list, still: No weight loss, no plastic surgery, nothing short of a permanent makeup clown smile could have hidden what Jerry must have been thinking after that stupefying bit of pigskin chaos. --Mike Rhyner

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