Second Chances

Hi-Fi Drowning found a new sound and a new album 'round the Rosa

"The thing about the three of us--Eric, Jeremy and I--this is our first band," Jon says. "We started this band when I was 19 and Jeremy was 17 and Eric was 19 or 20. And Taylor then was playing in Neon Girl when he was 15 or 16. There are a lot of other bands around who have members from other bands who failed in other areas or were just moderately successful here and there and they all have that cumulative experience that allows them to craft their songs, as well as the way they present themselves. But this has been a learning experience for all of us since day one."

And Rounds the Rosa is a testament to a young band growing up, learning more about music and itself and reflecting it back in the songs it writes. In the six years since the band formed and played its first gig at an open-mike night at Club Dada, Hi-Fi Drowning has had a demo deal with MCA, recorded with semi-legendary producer Keith Cleversley (known for his work with The Flaming Lips) and had enough hype around it to set the group up for defeat. These days, they're just four guys writing songs together, living together and putting out the music they love at their own pace under their own conditions. And that's OK with them.

"The four of us are happy with the album," Young says. "We're happy with how it sounds. We're just happy with the time we're in right now."

They may live together at The Ponderosa, but Hi-Fi Drowning isn't the Monkees.
They may live together at The Ponderosa, but Hi-Fi Drowning isn't the Monkees.


October 19
Gypsy Tea Room

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