Built for Laughs

Theatre Three's Comic Potential stars a pretty android programmed for punch lines

The good news is, Adam and Jacie carry the play, and the actors in these roles never miss a beat.

Patty Korbelic Williams dresses the cast in brightly colored futuristic threads that combine shiny plastics, see-through acrylics and the occasional peacock feather. The scene where Adam takes Jacie dress shopping is made even funnier by the appearance of several out-of-this-world outfits.

As social satire, Comic Potential hits some deliciously right-on notes about vapid television programming and the disdain corporate media types have for employees and consumers. The motto of the media empire that owns Hospital Hearts is "Nothing personal."

Rebecca Graham as Miss Pepperbloom directs the director Chandler Tate (Vince Davis) as actoid Jacie Triplethree (Dana Schultes) awaits the "Action!" cue.
Rebecca Graham as Miss Pepperbloom directs the director Chandler Tate (Vince Davis) as actoid Jacie Triplethree (Dana Schultes) awaits the "Action!" cue.


Continues through November 14. Call 214-871-3300.
Theatre Three

There's also a rather sweet bit of discourse on the power of love that achieves everything message-wise that Spielberg didn't onscreen in his bloated futuristic turkey, A.I. In Comic Potential, Ayckbourn shows that with love, Adam can make Jacie nearly human. But with that humanity come unexpected side effects. Newly empowered as an actress and as a woman, Jacie gets her first taste of ambition. Like her human counterparts in LaLaWood, it turns out that what she really wants to do is direct.

Theatrical asides:

Theatre Three has added one additional midweek matinee performance for all its shows this season, designed for groups, students, seniors or others who can't get to the theater at night. For Comic Potential, the special matinee will be at 2 p.m., Thursday, November 14...In last season's musical Side Show at Theatre Three, singer-actresses Jennifer Freeman and Julie Stirman were joined at the hip playing the Hilton sisters, conjoined songbirds warbling their way through life as carnival freaks. The singers are joining forces, but not body parts, again next month in a two-night cabaret-style concert performance titled Unattached. "We just like singing together," Stirman says. The show will run November 3 and 5 at Theatre Three. Call 214-871-2933...Terry Dobson, now directing Theatre Three's next show, the musical revue Beguiled Again, recently learned that an arrangement he did of Elton John's "Rocket Man" for The Turtle Creek Chorale will be heard on an upcoming episode of HBO's drama series Six Feet Under. Dobson's vocal arrangement of the tune will be performed for the show by the Los Angeles Gay Men's Chorus.

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