Jerry Rigged

J.J. pulls another stupid human trick

I mean, they can't even get their stories straight, and if they can't do that, how in the world are they going to return the 'Boys to glory?

"This was all of our decisions," Campo offered shortly before Jones said the final decision was his alone. "We work as an organization here. We work with the staff and Mr. Jones and the administrative people. This is a collective decision."

You can't really fault Campo. I doubt that he believed any of the crap he said Monday, but then what was he going to do? The man is little more than an enabler, a puppet who's capable of agreeing with the boss at all the right times. I might even feel bad for Campo if yes-men didn't cause me to retch.

Owner and GM Jerry Jones is at once patient and impatient. Just ask him.
Peter Calvin
Owner and GM Jerry Jones is at once patient and impatient. Just ask him.

This big-picture overview is so sordid and complicated that my brain is damn close to exploding. So let's dumb it down, for me, and narrow the focus.

If you wade through this sea of sloppy, maddening propaganda, what you're left with is a new quarterback who the Cowboys are evaluating for the future but who they swear is here to help them now. What you're left with is an owner/GM who is a habitual liar, not to mention a football incompetent. What you're left with is a once-proud franchise with no direction, going nowhere fast.

You're left with all that, and this, too: "I felt like, and we felt like as an organization, that we ought to be moving the ball and we ought to be scoring more points," Jones said. "I saw [the Pats] go to the Super Bowl last year and win it with a second-year quarterback, and those are the types of standards that we're looking at, whether fair or unfair. I felt like, and we felt like, we're very comfortable and we've been very patient with this decision...

"We have every bit as much confidence [in Hutchinson] as we did in Quincy."

And if you believe that, well, you're exactly what General Jerry thinks you are.

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