Gender Specifics

Why do women and men drink different things?

"I notice men react differently if I order a martini than if I order white wine," the Michaels-Downey foursome remarks. "There's a check of respect in their eyes."

In answer, then, to this week's Burning Question, we can only suggest that peer pressure, upbringing, media, tradition and all the elements of culture define our drinking patterns. Chris Michaels, formerly of Bali Bar and now bartender at Nikita, points out that on Bali Bar's Latin night, every male drinks Bud Light. Many bartenders add that wealthy white men typically order high-end vodkas while black men order Hennessey and Coke.

Yet things are changing. Chris O'Hagan, Dallas aficionado of all things alcoholic, believes drinks have been neutered. And if Sex in the City liberated martinis and other male drinks for women, perhaps it accomplished the same for our editor and his beloved Bellinis.

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We hear he owns the complete first year of HBO's hit series on DVD.

(Editor's note: As the proud grandson of Italian immigrants, I'm not sure why Dave associates the Bellini, an Italian cocktail, with effeminacy, but would be happy to share his home address with any paesanos who wish to "discuss" it with him.)

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