What Makes Him Tick

Plus: No Look

"Look, I'm gay, and I know nothing about hockey," Fraser said when we talked via phone. Once informed that the Mavericks play basketball, he laughed and said, "Even better. Now you know I don't know what I'm talking about." With that, we threw names at him, telling him only what position that person held with the team or what country he was from, and asked for his insights, which follow:

Mark Cuban: "Wow, you say that name, and I get a weird vibe. I see orange, which is the color of balance, but...here it means an imbalance. It could mean he goes from one extreme to the other. He also could have health problems, like with headaches. Perhaps a problem with his temper...That's the strangest energy I've felt in a long time."

Shawn Bradley: "I'm showing he'll be very successful in 2003, but it's not really connected to basketball. Perhaps as a celebrity, or a commentator--I think he will be known for something great at the end of his life, but it won't be for basketball."

Peter Calvin

Dirk Nowitzski: "Wow. Tremendous energy. What I'm seeing for him is great success that is very well-connected to basketball. He's German, you said? I see complete dedication. This will be a terrific year for him."

Steve Nash: "I see anxiety. Watch out for a heart condition. Perhaps it runs on his mother's side of the family. He will have some sort of external issues. Ooh, not a good year for him. I see a lot of personal stuff for him this year. Anxiety, big-time."

Michael Finley: "Nice guy, but what an ego. He takes himself way too seriously...I would think he may leave this year."

Don Nelson: "A good guy. Very bright. Really, really bright...I see him making money late in life in a different venture. But I see him staying a while longer."

Donnie Nelson: "I don't get much from him at all."

--Eric Celeste

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