Blah Blah Blah

The patrons aren't the only stumblers at Sherlock's pub and grill

Bangers and mash arrived as a delicious smear of buttery mashed potatoes with halved sausage links strategically planked at angles across the surface. The sausage was chewy and rich in gamy sweetness, which means either it was made of lamb or it was ripening. It was hitched to a ramekin of baked beans, mushy things presumably disgorged from a can whose main attribute was value pricing.

This pub stumble was compounded by dessert, a berry cobbler whose prime feature was a batter that seemed purposefully undercooked to leave the impression that fresh berries are most at home in a bed of slime.

Far from authentic, Sherlock's is a formulaic bit of low-octane Anglophile pettifoggery. The banquettes are cushy with well-lacquered tables. (Where are the coathooks?) The soffits are lined with bookshelves, home to a peculiar set of volumes including some by Erma Bombeck as well as ephemeral business/money books with titles like The Retirement Myth. No sign of works by Evelyn Waugh, John Stuart Mill or D.H. Lawrence. (Who reads in pubs anyway?) Instead of British-invasion stylings, the sound system drips AC/DC, Billy Squier and Aerosmith.

Throw a dart, chalk a cue, call collect.  But don't fall asleep in the shepherd's pie.
Stephen Karlisch
Throw a dart, chalk a cue, call collect. But don't fall asleep in the shepherd's pie.

Location Info


Sherlock's Baker St. Pub & Grill

5100 Belt Line Road
Dallas, TX 75254

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: North Dallas


972-726-6100. Open 11 a.m.-2 a.m. $-$$

Scotch egg: $3.95
Sautéed mussels: $8.95
Sausage roll: $3.95
Bangers and mash: $9.95
Fish and chips: $9.75
Shepherd's pie: $7.95
Spinach salad: $7.95
Cobbler: $3.95

5100 Belt Line Road, Addison, Village on the Parkway

A red phone booth is perched near the front of the restaurant. The walls are lined with beer mirrors and a vast collection of pix depicting British luminaries such as Winston Churchill, Princes Di, the queen, Pierce Brosnan and the Mop Tops, though I searched in vain for a photo of Fat Bastard.

Carlson and Martin have parked their concepts under a Houston-based umbrella called Hospitality USA. Inhabitants include Sherlock's, Sherlock's units with grills, Baker St. Pub full-service restaurant/pubs and a separate creation called Big Texas Dance Hall & Saloon, currently in Webster. Hospitality plans to multiply this slate at a pace of two or three units per year.

Shortly after that, maybe that news button on the Sherlock's Web site will sprout some news. And maybe the kitchen will salt the food. All those blah blah blahs can make you sleepy. And they sure don't help drink sales.

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