Vicious Circle of Crap

Plus: Onward Christian Soldiers; Monkey See, Monkey Do; Dangerous When Wet

Then again, who needs to worry about it? Great rock-and-roll movements never start from the top anyway. They always start underground.

But I think there are rock clubs across America facing the same problems as Deep Ellum. Maybe our problems here can be mitigated with some of the solutions Matt offered (Scene, Heard, November 14).

By the way--I really liked the article about Slobberbone ("Bar Exam," November 14). They are one of my favorites.

Aaron Thedford
Robot Monster Weekend

Onward Christian Soldiers

Let them rot: If the evangelists are willing to die just to bring others to "die in Christ," and if they are prepared to break the laws of other countries to preach their beliefs, then they should be willing to rot in the jails they find themselves in ("Crusaders," November 14). I don't want my tax dollars to be spent to save their arrogant behinds.

Joseph Schwartz
Via e-mail

Christian extremist: Greg Self's comments reflect a poor understanding of Islam and show an extremist attitude of Christianity. Self asserts that Islam is a "tool of the devil." Apparently, his degree in Islamic Studies overlooked the verses in the Qur'an that reply to critics who would make such an assertion.

I would pose the following questions to Self: Is this how the devil misleads a people? That he asks his followers to worship none but the creator of the heavens and the earth? That he asks his followers to fast regularly, to give to the needy and to donate to charity every year? That he requires them to prostrate themselves before their creator after being cleaned (both physically and spiritually)?

Self apparently feels he has the power to judge who should live and who should die when he declares that "people in the Islamic faith will not go to heaven." You will not find a Muslim promising heaven or hell to anyone on this earth, be he Muslim or not. God alone knows who shall enter heaven and who will not, and we have no authority to declare and condemn a people. To do so would be blasphemy, as you would be comparing yourself to God.

But all of this was lost on Self, who apparently has benefited little from his degree.

Ray Norris

Monkey See, Monkey Do

W, the missing link: Gregory Weinkauf's bizarre reference to the president as a "retarded monkey" was as inappropriate as it was inapposite ("Wonder Boy," November 14). No one reading a movie review of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets could give a rat's ass what the reviewer thinks of George Bush; you, as editors, should have known that and exercised a little judgment. While I understand that Weinkauf is frustrated that 50.5 million people slipped on banana peels and "accidentally" pulled the lever for Bush in 2000, then compounded their error by "accidentally" kicking Democratic candidates to the curb en masse two weeks ago, it's your job to make sure his proselytizing is published in some portion of the paper that's not intended merely to help people decide whether to spend eight bucks on Harry Potter or not. The letters page would do nicely.

Sean Smith

Dangerous When Wet

Muddy waters: Thanks to Jim Schutze for the great, truthful article in the November 14 issue ("Go Dump in the Lake"). He brought to light the problems out there at Lake Ray Hubbard, with the city and the illegal dumping going on in our water supply. He brought up lots of questions that need answers. Thanks, Jim.

Dean Parsons

Slim Pickins

Eminem's film debut: Your review of 8 Mile was insightful ("Run, Rabbit, Run," November 7), and what's more important, hilarious. I usually don't write reviewers, but you're an exception. I was in a computer lab checking the old e-mail, and I read your comment about half-expecting Eminem to jump on a tree stump and start rhyming on one leg, and it made me laugh out loud. That, and Em's mom being the hottest piece of trash to blow through the trailer park was excellent. Keep up the good work.

Al Paliwoda
Kent, Ohio

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