Beat It

Only band fans need stand in this Drumline

Like the similar, funnier Bring It On, Drumline is intent on proving that marching band participants are genuine athletes. Fair enough: The boot camp-style physical training they go through onscreen will come as an eye-opener to some. Also similar to its cinematic cheerleader predecessor is the notion that at this school, no one cares about the football team; it's the marching band that goes to state contests, but they've been on a losing streak lately. The triumph of longshots over adversity is a popular theme, and as a hook, it's serviceable. The problem is that sooner or later you're going to have to watch, and listen to, many scenes of a teen brass band performing renditions of soul songs. The "hero" is an inner-city kid in an Atlanta college to save the band program, but he's so cocky and unlikable for most of the movie that he doesn't make a great case to non-band fans. If you were ever in marching band, you'll love this; if not, stay far away.
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