Rhythm and Bruise

Dirtbombs singer Mick Collins on why black people hear the rock and white people hear the soul

Which brings Collins back to the whole "scene" thing.

"I guess that's part of what bugs me--and I'm guessing bugs those other bands, too," he says, "is that you spend all this time and creativity trying to carve out something distinctive for yourself, the kind of music you want to hear, but don't, and so, you figure, 'Well, it's up to me. I better fill this void.' That's why there are two drummers, two bassists--I wanted to see how different we could be and still be rock.

"And then, because you're doing your thing in a town where some other bands are doing their thing," he continues, "you all get clumped together, like you're all sitting around having some kind of convention about how to make good music. I mean, honestly, do you think we sound like the White Stripes? I sure as hell don't. I don't even like to talk about what we sound like--you can tell, I keep avoiding the questions--but I know for damn sure we don't sound like anyone else. From Detroit, or anywhere."

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