Bells値l Be Ringing

Dallas forms a special union

Mars Needs Women
Gray spreads interstellar understanding
Here's a question: How many sequels are too many? Once your best-selling self-help book (Men Are From Mars...) has become a stage play, a board game and 11 follow-up books, we think "blown out of proportion" might even be an understatement. (We're waiting for Mars and Venus in Prison.) Or maybe this trend simply speaks to how desperately horrible the sexes are at communicating. John Gray is bringing his astral mission to Dallas. The lecture promises to analyze gender conflicts in the office and smooth the path for better communication. Hey, no one ever said that earth girls (or boys) are easy. Gray speaks at noon Thursday at the Wyndam Anatole Hotel, 2201 Stemmons Freeway. Tickets are $27 to $40. Visit --Michelle Martinez

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