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I would tell you about the Big 12 tourney, but my stomach hurts

Tech falls in long, Bobby Knight. Possible headline: "Good Knight, Bobby!" Really feelin' it now...

Tomorrow's finals matchup: Mizzou vs. OU...boring...

Day 4

I'm ready for this tourney to be over. Working every day is for suckers. Plus, they charged me $15 per day to park. (The daily writers got parking passes. I am only pretending to be a daily writer. Unfortunately, my pretend parking pass didn't get me into the real media lot.)

First half: Boomer Sooner. OU is toying with the Tigers. The Sooners are Final Four bound--you read it here first...

The Mizzou cheerleaders are annoying. Question: If you were the father of a manleader (a male cheerleader), would you tell your buddies about it? Yeah, me neither...staying away from the buffet today; brought antacids instead...

Second half: Tigers are on the comeback. All of a sudden this is a close game. Meanwhile, I'm running out of time. I haven't found the hot topic yet. Woe is me...Sooners hold on and win by out for the Tigers in the tourney--they're gonna hurt someone. You read it here first...

Damn, this is the end. And where are my quotes? Right: "We worked like hell," Bob Knight said after his Raiders lost, "and we did pretty well in some cases, not so well in others."

Seems appropriate somehow. I'm tired of this daily stuff. Not so good at it, either.

Last time I try it. Promise.

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