Phoned In

When inspiration calls, I listen...and then I type 1,250 words

What's the best thing about the new gig? Well, without a doubt the new paycheck! All kidding aside, I absolutely feel like I've found the perfect TV job for me. Being able to feed my hard news appetite is wonderful, but because life is about balance, I get to do the fun things, too.

The worst? Since my family is still in Dallas, I would have to say the toughest part for me is the travel back and forth. That situation should be remedied in about three months when my family moves to New York.

Still miss Texas? Oh, heck yes! But I am there every weekend, so I get to see the inside of D-FW Airport with incredible frequency...And when I say "y'all" here in New York, I know I'm a Texan, no matter what my birth certificate says.

Early riser: Rene Syler says to Texas: 
"I miss y'all."
Early riser: Rene Syler says to Texas: "I miss y'all."

Do you think you're there long-term? OK, now I can interpret this two ways. Either, do I think I'm here long-term because CBS brass wants me here, or do I think I'm here long-term because I have designs on other projects? I will answer it this way...heck, I hope so! I'm about to uproot my entire family and move them across the country; I certainly hope I'm here for the long run. Failure was/is not an option for me.

Have the sharks stopped circling? I think having our best February sweeps [in terms of total viewership] since 1995 has a way of silencing some critics. That said, we're still finding our comfort zone, but it's clear that some people like the alternative...So whatever was/is written doesn't change the fact that I have to get up every day at 4 a.m. and do my level best to communicate the day's events...And now, you can cue my theme song, John Mayer's hit "No Such Thing"--just the verse where he says, "I'd like to think the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve."

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