1-Hour Arrest

When does a snapshot of a mother breast-feeding her child become kiddie porn? Ask the Richardson police.

Her hard-rubbed eyes drooping with worry, Mercado says she told the caseworker, "Please don't take our children. We love our children."

In the months since, one of the couple's most onerous problems has been resolved. In late March, a week after the Dallas Observer asked District Attorney Bill Hill about the case, he ordered the criminal charges against both parents dropped. "It has some gray areas to it, but it doesn't rise to the level of a crime," Hill said. He said justice comes from more than isolating facts and interpreting them in a way to make them narrowly fit into a criminal statute.

Still, at press time, child welfare authorities continue to maintain control of the boys, even though a lawyer appointed to represent them says he believes they should go home. In its latest legal filing, the state said it would not consent to releasing the boys until the couple jumps through more hoops, including a lie-detector test they must take at their own expense.

The legal team: Steven Lafuente, Bill Stovall and Andrew Chatham all went to work on the Mercado-Fernandez case.
The legal team: Steven Lafuente, Bill Stovall and Andrew Chatham all went to work on the Mercado-Fernandez case.

"They ripped out my heart," Mercado says. "Even if we get them back, I don't know how we'll recover from what's been done."

"How could they accuse me of doing something with our own children?" says Fernandez, a lanky 35-year-old who worked as a hospital technician in Peru before embarking on his disastrous start in Texas. "How can they accuse us of being something we're not?"

It wasn't difficult at all.

When Andrew Chatham first learned of the Mercado-Fernandez case from lawyer Steven Lafuente, who the family hired at the outset, he was certain there must be more to it than a picture of a mother with an infant's lips on her breast. "I wondered what I wasn't getting," he says. "There had to be more."

There was not.

Police and child welfare files contain no criminal histories, no hint that there were other suspicions or evidence of child abuse or neglect. Mercado and Fernandez had not been in the United States long enough to have histories of much of anything. She arrived in August 2001, moved in with her parents in Richardson and took a job cleaning a nearby Wal-Mart in the middle of the night. Johnny arrived about 13 months later and went to work cleaning stores, too, before moving on to a job in a budget steak house.

By the time Chatham became involved in the case, which his partner Bill Stovall took on without a fee, the parents were devastated and penniless. "I think the police department and the DA's office select people to prosecute who have the least ability to defend themselves," says Chatham, who says he took the case on principle. "If these pictures were on their way back to some big home in Highland Park, they would have turned around and left. They were going after easy marks."

Mercado and Fernandez--who were released on bonds of $10,000 and $12,500, respectively--borrowed money from their family to get out of jail and drew comfort from the help and encouragement they received from their church.

Maybell Palacios, Mercado's aunt, says her niece is as dedicated a mother as she has ever seen. "She'd be working seven days a week at nights, and when she'd come home tired she had time for her children. To feed them. Wash them. Do their clothes."

Victor Jaeger, pastor of the Iglesia Adventista del 7 Dia de Richardson, says, "The community has been very supportive of them. They see it as a big misunderstanding." About a third of his Spanish-speaking Seventh Day Adventist congregation in blue-collar East Richardson is Peruvian-born.

The pastor says he was prepared to testify on the couple's behalf and explain what appears to him to have been a cultural misunderstanding. Jaeger, who grew up in Peru, says breast-feeding is culturally important in his native country and considered acceptable to do in public, particularly in the country's jungle regions. "My cousin sent me a picture of her newborn, and it was of the baby being breast-fed," he says. "As someone who has lived here for 20 years, I asked myself, 'Why did she send me that picture?' To her, it was nothing."

To memorialize the act of breast-feeding in a snapshot is as common in Peru as wanting to save a photo of a first step, or a first two-wheeler, or a first baseball game, he says.

Jaeger says Mercado and Fernandez, who both have roots in rural Peru, "sat in my office crying" on several occasions. He has come to the conclusion that they are good parents caught in an awful bind.

Their most pressing problem was the breast-feeding picture, which the indictment characterized as sexual, "to wit; actual lewd exhibition of...a portion of the female breast below the top of the areola, and the said defendant did and then employ, authorize and induce Rodrigo Fernandez, a child younger than 18 years of age, to engage in said sexual conduct and sexual performance." In other words, says Chatham, the act of simulated breast-feeding, captured on film, was being portrayed as a sex act. "They're saying the guy who took the picture is a sicko and wanted a photo of this to satisfy his sexual desire."

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It's another example of people coming to this country and expecting us to conform to their standards and laws instead of obeying our laws.....I guess all of you commentators calling me an asshole are so ignorant to the point that they don't understand the human trafficking among children running rampant in this country. I guess you are all for molesting children!! Well suck a fat cock because I am all for our government trying to protect the children of this country.....you are all wrong, I am right....get a brain!!


Why? Because Lady, people molest and sell their own flesh and blood kids all of the time. They are just trying to be sure that you are not one of those kinds of couples. It's rough but fair, I think. Because of the fact that it's not a normal, one breast out, breast feeding. You are completely topless, which to Americans is suspicious, because most of us do not get completely topless to feed our children and we hold them in our arms instead of having them stand in front of us like a man sucking a breast in pornography. You're in America now, you have to conform to our laws. I am well aware that I sound very unkind but that photo is pretty bad!! Call me an asshole, I don't care one bit!!  


These people should sue Texas for this!  Unbelievable and disgusting that strangers could interpret breast feeding as  'sexual' in nature!  Even worse that law enforcement took ANY action on this.  


@yumicpcake you are no doubt the biggest asshole I have ever read anything from.  The world would be a better place if you just shut your mouth and never open them again.  The Americans in America would appreciate it very much.  Please conform.


@yumicpcake  your an asshole. I highly doubt you would think it was very fair if that was happening to you.  I have pictures of my children naked playing in the pool in the back yard and also pictures of me nursing my daughter. if you think there is something wrong with that then perhaps youre the perv here. It is my right as a mother to take pictures of my kids at different stages. 


@yumicpcake you are an asshole. this is the stupidest thing i have ever heard, and a completely legit example of the government and police department over stepping its boundaries. fuck you, fuck texas, fuck the people who think that this family deserves to be torn apart because their cultural values do not match with the fucked up ones we have in the US. the argument, you're in american now, is weak, at best, and culturally insensitive, and bigoted. seriously, get your fucking head checked. i hope you never have children.