This Week's Day-By-Day Picks

Wednesday, April 30

It's hump day, which means one of two things: laundry and the Game Show Network or some seriously inexpensive activity because the paycheck won't show until Friday. Actually, those work for pretty much any day, but we don't want to admit just how many game shows we really watch. We do have qualified suggestions for whichever one you go with. Always go with Richard Dawson for the final round of Match Game PM, and if you want "tasty" to describe your cheap fun, try Comedy Night at Club Stratos (formerly Olympic Pizza) at 2907 W. Northwest Highway. No cover and $2 drinks will make any given stand-up funnier, and the classic Greek menu and new sushi bar (odd combo, but it works) are nothing to sneeze at. This Wednesday, Jeff Love takes the stage to mix a little Cajun humor into the moussaka and wasabi. Call 214-352-3321.

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