Draft Dodger

Unfortunately for him, our columnist couldn't avoid the NFL draft forever

1:24: ESPN's Suzy Kolber requires it.

1:35: It's early, but the Cardinals have committed this year's "Quincy Carter Oops of the Draft." After trading the sixth pick for the 17th and 18th, they selected Penn State wideout Bryant Johnson and Wake Forest defensive end Calvin Pace--regarded by most as a second-rounder at best. The Dallas Morning News' Rick Gosselin rated him the 11th-best d-lineman. Sweet. General Jerry should fly to Phoenix and console the Cards' brass.

2 p.m.: "What does all this mean?" Eric's wife, Vickie, asks. "Why do you guys watch all this?" Good question. "Whatever," Eric says, "if this ain't livin', kill me now." Funny, I was just thinking about that last bit.

Troy Polamalu should do well with the Steelers. Plus, he can really sing.
Cheung Ching Ming
Troy Polamalu should do well with the Steelers. Plus, he can really sing.

2:29: McGahee just went to the Bills with the 23rd pick, the first running back selected. Do you think Penn State's Larry Johnson, a Maxwell Award winner who gained more than 2,000 yards last season, is pissed that he'll now be drafted after Ol' Peg Leg?

2:49: Well, it took three and a half hours for Eric to make his first "izz" joke--much longer than expected. "Chiefs on the clizz-ock." That movie Malibu's Most Wanted was made for guys like Eric.

???: I'm not sure what time the first round ends. I left a short while before to help a friend move. Somehow, that turns out to be more compelling.

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