Wednesday, May 14
Wayne and Stacy are no Trinny and Susannah. Trust us; we are expert watchers of What Not to Wear on BBC America, and the Americanized TLC version just doesn't cut it. But that in no way means we don't watch it. Both versions of the show are as addictive as the microwave pizza and Diet Coke we consume while we watch intently. We admire the style of the BBC hosts, while we laugh at the hosts' clothing on the American show. Now, as much as it would suck to know that your friends think you have no fashion sense, wouldn't it be cool to be signed up for the show and get personal tutorials on what flatters certain body types, how to hide flaws and how to shop for basic pieces for a wardrobe with limited funds? Enter Nancy J. Klein-Freid, image consultant. At noon Wednesday, she conducts (for free) the Wow, You Look Great!! Workshop, part of the University of Texas at Dallas' Galerstein Women's Center's Lunch Bunch series. It's like the show with all the info, but no secret cameras and no televised embarrassment. Bring a lunch; they'll provide dessert and an informative hour of fashion and makeup tips tailored to help create positive first impressions. Now if only UT-D would supply the $5,000 for a new wardrobe they give to participants on the show. 2601 Floyd Road (Campbell Road at University), in Room 1.204 of the McDermott Library. Call 972-883-6555.

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