Letters for the issue of May 8

As for the truants, it is an incredible waste of resources to force children to attend school, but what's worse is the damage done to the children, the breaking of their spirit. We should not confuse schooling with education. Now we have jail, handcuffs, boot camp, to achieve what? The wasting of a child's day in a mind-numbing, gang-infested, zero-tolerance youth prison camp.

Study how Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were educated, and our 19th- and early 20th-century literacy rate. Study the growth of compulsive schooling and the decline in literacy.

Even if we march the kids to school at the point of a bayonet and guard them in class, the end product will not be an educated adult. What education we receive is from life itself, and this is denied to children forced to spend it locked inside a building.

David Smith
Via e-mail

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