Warped Minds

Mighty white: Way to go, Patty! You are so right on target (Buzz, June 5, by Patrick Williams). Wonder how many other neighborhoods are still all white, except for the help? Is this due to the so-called legal homeowners associations or the good ol' boy sellers club? I wonder how many other non-white buyers have tried to buy there in the last 40 years.

Grace Giles
Richardson Corrections In last week’s issue, the cover story, “Shot in the Dark,” incorrectly stated that federal court juries can find defendants guilty based on the lesser standard of a “preponderance of the evidence.” Federal judges can use that lesser standard in sentencing, but juries in all criminal cases must be convinced “beyond a reasonable doubt” to find someone guilty. Also last week, in the story “Vintage TV,” Dr. E. Lee Doyle was misidentified because of an editor’s mistake. We regret the errors.

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