I concur with Jim Schutze's opinion. Let's leave WRR alone and simply enjoy the classical music.
Scott Laughlin

Gomer bites back: Jim Schutze is a bigot. "Radio Free Gomer" had valid points against the proposed WRR radio tower swap. However, Schutze's venomous, prejudiced remarks were juvenile and uncalled for.

I don't live in Gomer, couldn't find it on a map, but I would never slander an entire town as "Klanland" (especially when Dallas has quite a notorious history of racial tension to contend with in its own right).

Typical Dallas attitude: Anyone living west of Dallas is a Neanderthal hella-hick. No wonder the entire state despises pretentious, snobby Dallas. And don't fool yourself, J.R., the rest of the world doesn't distinguish Dallas from Gomer. They think you're a stereotypical redneck, too.

Schutze wants to "foster a vibrant cultural climate." He paints himself the sympathetic patron of the arts, only to then deny an entire population its humanity. He is far from the enlightened, sophisticated humanitarian. He's just another opportunist bound by political correctness. So he picks on rural Southerners instead. He places great value on the inner-city child who hypothetically tunes in to WRR and is touched by classical music. Does not the same scenario apply to a rural child living in Gomer? This is just more hypocritical yankee-via-Dallas tripe from another lazy journalist.

If Schutze is the conscience of Dallas, then "Cotton Town" deserves to be robbed blind.
Amy C.
Via e-mail

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