Final Score

Plus: Dumb Muggles; Tom U.

Course: Baring their burden: Dixie Chicks launch full-frontal attack on critics (4.25.03)

Taught by:Robert Thompson, professor of pop culture and TV, Syracuse University

Course: Callers seek less privacy, opt for cell phones instead of booths (4.12.03)

Taught by:Patricia Leavy, sociology professor, Stonehill College in Massachusetts;

Peter Crabbe, Philadelphia-based psychologist; Robbie Blinkoff, anthropologist and author of study The Mobiles: Social Evolution in a Wireless Society

Course: The war is putting stars and their fans at odds (4.3.03)

Taught by:Timothy Burke, cultural history professor, Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania; Jeffrey McCall, communications professor, University of Cincinnati

Course: Actress or actor? Some women performers seek equal billing--but that doesn't play for awards. (3.22.03)

Taught by: Robert Beard, linguistics professor

Course:Fred Rogers, 1928-2003: Generations grew up with gentle neighbor (2.28.03)

Taught by:Dr. Robert Billingham, professor of human development and family studies, Indiana University

Course:Still d'ohing strong: Homeric influence of Simpsons goes beyond TV (2.16.03)

Taught by:Matt McAllister, communications professor, Virginia Tech; Mark Conard, philosophy professor and co-editor of the book The Simpsons and Philosophy: The D'Oh of Homer

Course:In a Jackass world, sick jokes rule and anyone can be a butt (11.7.02)

Taught by:Tim Burke, cultural history professor, Swarthmore College

Course:In pop culture, 9-11 still "barely a ripple": Impact on TV, movies, music limited as escapism market grew (8.28.02)

Taught by:Tim Burke, cultural history professor, Swarthmore College; Timothy Shary, head of screen studies program, Clark University in Massachusetts

Course:Elvis Presley's legacy is caught in a trap (8.13.02)

Taught by:Andrew Bergstein, marketing professor, Penn State University

Course:The coo-coo world of cool: Rebelliousness links Ocean's Eleven with its 1960 original (12.9.01)

Taught by:Robert Moore, anthropology professor specializing in "study of cool"

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