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Plus: Man Crush; I Already Miss the Sumbitch

A final anecdote to show you, dear reader, that despite the venom spewed by both Everett and myself, there are no hard feelings on either end--though for confused and very different reasons, methinks.

About a month after the season began, I finally made it out to the Ballpark to kick around the clubhouse and conduct some interviews. While standing next to a reporter pal of mine, Everett wandered over and, unsolicited, offered me advice on how to improve my look.

"You have too much hair," he told me, "and your eyebrows are too big." He was right on both fronts, but since it was our first conversation since the spring training blowup, I just kinda stood there, baffled. "Come on over to my locker and I'll hook up that head...I'll shave it like mine."

Say it ain’t so, Carl.
Kevin Scanlon
Say it ain’t so, Carl.

He laughed and walked away. That was it.

I'm not sure if he was trying to make nice in his own unusual way or if (and this is my hunch) he simply didn't remember me. Either way, it doesn't really matter. Either way, I'm sorry to see him go, because where Carl Everett is involved, there's always a good story to tell.

--John Gonzalez

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