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Plus: Sack of Kittens; A Gay Scam Robs Now

A Gay Scam Robs Now
...otherwise known as “Cowboys Anagrams,” returning for the second season. What’s in a name? Sometimes nothing and sometimes everything; Quincy Carter becomes “quartercynic,” which we think reveals, well, something. You be the judge as we scramble and decode the names of some Dallas Cowboys starters and spares. —Robert Wilonsky

Willie Blade
Wide, able, ill

Antonio Bryant
A brainy? Not. Not.

Slow-mo dÂ’oh: Rick Miller combines Homer and Shakespeare.
Slow-mo dÂ’oh: Rick Miller combines Homer and Shakespeare.
Mark Graham

Aveion Cason
Soon, vain ace

Greg Ellis
Leg, sir, leg

Demetric Evans
Divert menaces

Toby Gowin
Now git, boy!

Bradie James
I am bad--jeers

Louis Mackey
Yuck! I so lame.

Jason McKie
Jack some in

Donald Mitchell
Tall demon child

Michael Myers
My lame riches

Terence Newman
New, recent, mean

Dat Nguyen
Ya! Net dung.

Ken-yon Rambo
Bonk anymore?

Jeff Robinson
Sinner off job

Derek Ross
OK dresser

Zuriel Smith
Zits rule him

Markus Steele
Meek as result

Daleroy Stewart
A ratty, old sewer

Reggie Swinton
Seeing it wrong

Tyson Walter
Was rottenly

James Whalen
Ha! Man jewels.

Roy Williams
I'm a lowly sir.

Tony Romo
Moron toy

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