You seem to have done some in-depth digging on Jack Foote and Ranch Rescue, but you fail to mention that Ranch Rescue-Texas, Nethercott and Conners are being sued by the four illegal Mexicans when none of them was even in Jim Hogg County, let alone in Texas in the cases of Nethercott and Conners! Conners had not even gotten involved with Ranch Rescue at the time. Why is he being sued? I think there is another agenda at work here.

One more thing. If Mexican women were to suddenly start having only one child in their lifetimes (in their early 20s), which is at a negative replacement level, do you realize that it would take 100 years for Mexico's population to stabilize, and in that time it would have tripled? To 300 million! But Mexican culture is not at that one-child stage and won't be for a long time to come, so I can safely predict that its population will easily stand at half a billion! Bigger than India was in 1965. We are being invaded.

Unless we erect effective barriers, the overpopulation overgrowth from Mexico will lead to a race war. I am not advocating violence, but I do predict it. At least the Citizens' Border Patrol groups are trying to head it off.

Also please remember, we are not "vigilantes," since those types mete out justice in addition to enforcing the law.

Steve Mason
Treasurer, Ranch Rescue-Texas

American heroes: I pray that the volunteers of Ranch Rescue are exonerated, as I believe they are today's American heroes! The only misfortune these American soldiers have is your liberal and biased reporters, the liberal media and corrupt political leaders, and, of course, idiotic attorneys that make their living attacking Americans while defending illegal foreign criminals. Hooray for Jack Foote and all American soldiers!

Priscilla Espinoza
Nuevo, California

Mad as a Hattie's

Food issues: Besides having a tiresome pantry of words and some crispy-thin viewpoints, your food reviewer is completely lost when it comes to understanding the dynamic of independent restaurants. To not recognize Hattie's ("Downturned Lips," by Mark Stuertz, August 28) for its risk-taking, positive contribution to the food neighborhood shows what a farce restaurant reviews have become. Let me use Mark's own words to describe my opinion of his critical writing skills: "layered pastry saturated with grease." Please release this tortured journalist to author a failed novel and let the people of the community enjoy the spirit, effort and design of a place like Hattie's in peace.

P.S. We are not clear on his food/bondage issues, but please inform Mr. Stuertz that oysters and bacon have been sleeping together passionately for decades.

Michael Dyer

Stupid Charter

No fools into sages: Jim Schutze has been whining about the city charter for the last three weeks ("Live by the Sword..." September 18). Enough already! The situation reminds me of a drunk who drives his car over a cliff and then exclaims, "Stupid car!"

It's not the charter. It's the council.

A good city council with a bad charter will always do better than a bad city council with a good charter.

The charter didn't make the council hire Ted Benavides. The charter didn't make Ted Benavides hire Terrell Bolton. The charter didn't appoint Al Lipscomb to the police review board. The charter didn't make Laura Miller sell out to the Belo Corp. and become a cheerleader for the "Inside the Loop" group.

OK, if we need a new city charter, then make the case on the merits. But don't delude yourself or fool others into believing that it will turn fools into sages or sinners into saints.

Dan Hossley

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