What are the odds of hooking up?

Or, in the words of O'Hagan, "Only those who deal in volume have a somewhat decent chance of making the love connection. Obstacles include the wingwoman, inability to cull a candidate from the pack of friends and the always difficult to comprehend 'chick logic.' Try too hard, no go. Don't try hard enough, no go."

The odds depend--that's our answer to this week's Burning Question. Wherever a mix of people mill about in reasonable comfort, the odds improve. From our experience, places like Dragonfly, Sense, Candle Room and Duke's provide the greatest opportunities for success. Each attracts convivial crowds and generates a pulse designed to enliven conversation.

"If you can't make it happen here, it isn't gonna happen," says Gorilla Dave--or perhaps Guerilla Dave, although we found the former more appropriate--drinking at Duke's.

Location Info


Dragonfly Restaurant at Hotel Zaza

2332 Leonard St.
Dallas, TX 75201

Category: Restaurant > Eclectic

Region: Uptown & Oak Lawn

Candle Room

5039 Willis Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: East Dallas & Lakewood

"A lot of it depends on the club," Bauman agrees. "At a dance club you have physical contact going on."

Yeah, dance clubs force the odds a bit. Bartender Adam Salazar claims that a visit to Seven is akin to "shooting fish in a barrel."

Ultimately, the odds are low but not impossible, unless you're British. Let's face it, whitening strips can only do so much.

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