Cab Fare

Death Cab for Cutie are the kings of rock. Sort of.

"That's the kind of stuff I'd like to do more of," Walla asserts. "More stuff that sounds like us but kind of doesn't sound like us, you know? That's when it's the most exciting for me--I mean, it's so easy, once you've become recognized for having a certain sound as a band," he continues, "to settle for doing the same thing, only bigger. Like, hit the drum harder, play louder, add some fuzz, whatever.

"But it's a lot trickier," he goes on, "to go in a different direction with something you've become comfortable doing. Like, both those songs started out as rock songs, but in the course of learning to play them and then figuring out how to record them, we ended up pretty much taking out the guitars. And you get this energy from trying something new. I guess that's what I mean about it being exciting--I like the songs to sound a little restless."

The new kings of indie rock may have earned their position by doing one thing really, really well--but the reason they endure is that they're unafraid to forge a new path. Difficult times call for bold solutions; be creative; be open to new ideas. And when in doubt, forge bravely ahead: That's the Death Cab for Cutie platform, such as it is. Maybe it's time for some politicians to steal a page from the band's playbook.

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