Delk Does Dallas

Or, how a spare became a starter

"That's a big plus for us, that we can get other people clicking that aren't a part of the Fantasy Five, or whatever you guys are calling us," Jamison says. Fantasy Five, huh? I'm not sure I like any of these names, but I'm too dim to come up with one on my own, so I guess that'll have to do. "This style fits his type of game. He likes to get up and down the floor and run a little bit. It's a good fit for him. You can tell that he's like the rest of us--glad to be in this situation."

True enough. But I wonder how long all of it will last. Nellie has a habit of switching up his rotations. Last year Walt Williams was the early surprise, then he disappeared at the end of the season. I don't think Delk is Walt Williams. I think he has more hop in his step, more to offer in the long run. But I'm not sure if, on a team with five serious stars and plenty of scoring, that a guy who is largely one-dimensional (he's averaging about one assist per game) can continue to soak up so many minutes. At some point, I keep expecting them to get Danny Fortson or someone taller than 6 feet on the floor. Then, what do I know? Like I said, I didn't figure on any of this, so Delk is probably a lock to stay in the lineup and then pull a Nick Van Exel come playoff time.

"I'm still feeling my way," Delk says. "It's a new system, a new team. I think I can offer more. We all can. It's coming. You can see that we're going to get together, and then we're going to be a really good team. We'll get there, and I plan on being a part of that."

The Mavs may be struggling, but  Tony Delk has been a pleasant surprise.
The Mavs may be struggling, but Tony Delk has been a pleasant surprise.

Right. Got it. No more questions.

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