Curse of Youth

Two new Dallas papers are keeping tabs on the little futhermuckers

When do I have time to read the newspaper? When does anyone? We--me, you, "young people," everyone--will make time for the information that we need and can't get anywhere else. That's it. Otherwise, we're outta time. In that way, the AMJE, which was on my desk, helped me because I scanned it quickly and got a taste of some international and national news I thought important.

So, to answer the question I've gotten 400 times, I like that one better, the AMJE one. So far. But it's gonna be a long hard slog for each. True, they're both in it for years, because the DMN is scared, and because the guy at AMJE got hosed by the DMN when he was there years ago (not that he says this, but, trust me, I know). I believe it's personal, even if both sides say it isn't.

Which brings us to No. 3. This is key. Young people want the world as they see it: without filters. It's why they love The Daily Show. Because it's smart, informed, crude and passionate. Like young people. Young people will argue vehemently with you for hours about party politics, about religion, about love and war and peace and that weird new $20 bill. They will curse when they argue, using words like "fuck." Then, once they are done, they will go out to a bar and get fucking blasted-ass drunk and go home with another young person and fuck like bunnies until they pass out. That's their world, and if you wanna live in it, you'd better print it.

Guide appears every Friday in The Dallas Morning News...oh...wait a minute...
Guide appears every Friday in The Dallas Morning News...oh...wait a minute...

Which is why we at the Dallas Observer are not worried about these papers. We're not scared of f***.

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