Head Cases

The Eagles--and their fans--know when insanity is a good thing

"That's about as upset at a team as I've been," Parcells said without raising his voice or even an eyebrow, which made that statement more frightening, not less. "I keep saying that we're young, but you only have so many chances at a thing.

"I don't know where we're going now. We'll see, I guess."

There are three games left, every one of them hugely significant. If the Cowboys want to claim a wild-card berth, if they want to make this season about something more than simply erasing the painful memory of the past few years, they need to fully grasp that concept. They need to wake up and act like football players with something to play for this year. Because there is a time to sit quietly in the background and wait for tomorrow, and then there is a time to snarl and slobber and pop someone in the jaw just to let them know you can.

Parcells understands. Glover and Darren Woodson understand. Now they need to impress that mentality upon the bulk of the Boys.

The rest of you need to get in on the act, too, because that sort of thing is infectious, and if it doesn't start with them, perhaps it can start with you. Stop sitting on your hands and cheer like mad. If it's slow going at first, try alcohol--it tends to loosen the inhibitions and the tongue. And would it kill one of you to buy a chain saw?

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