After the pepper spray was dispersed into the crowd and directly into the faces of several of the sober high school students, several individuals, including a freelance videographer who was recording the incident and two members of Spoonfed Tribe's management, were then taken into custody. The detained individuals were then zip-tied and ordered to wait on their knees at the intersection of Crowdus and Main for more than an hour. During this hour, I witnessed one of the restrained victims request water to wash the pepper spray from his eyes. That individual was then pushed onto his belly and further restrained with a police officer's knee on his back and then pepper-sprayed again.

I saw no warnings, I saw no police officers being "attacked," and the crowd was not chanting, "Fuck the police!" I was there, and Lieutenant Vince Golbeck was not.

If this is the Dallas police and Laura Miller's idea of cleansing the Dallas streets of crime by attacking artists and high school students for playing music and briefly blocking traffic, I'd much rather take my chances with the real criminals.

Steven Dvorak

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