To Be Cooler

Cool clothing

Although a confident person is able to pull off any look, a pretender requires the assistance of trendy lines to mimic the appearance of cool. For the confident person, anything that lends a classic silhouette will emphasize the proper attitude. Shop at Lucky Brand Dungarees (in the West Village, 214-521-4226) or Hugo Boss (in the Galleria, 972-503-4846) if you insist on paying full price. Otherwise, head up to Nordstrom Rack in Plano (972-267-1414) and then make the items work.

Cool language

There are something like 50,000 Russians and Eastern Europeans skulking around the Dallas area, undermining our capitalist way of life. Learn a few handy Russian phrases, infiltrate their gatherings, drink their vodka and...and...Just drink their vodka; it will render them helpless.

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