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Shopping may not be one of your New Year's resolutions; in fact, it may be on your what-not-to-do list. But this kind of shopping is for a greater good: making your vacation as fabulous as it can be. For travel gear that's fun and functional go to, a site with products "inspired by the high-style airline travel of the '50s." We especially like the travel bar set, the brightly colored luggage tags, the Expand-a Bag, the Survival Kit-in-a-Can, the Eye Travel cooling mask and...well, we like just about everything on this site. On a more thrill-seeking note, if you're the outdoorsy type who enjoys adventurous vacations involving mountain climbing, kayaking, etc., check out This retailer has nearly everything you need to make that adrenaline-fueled dream vacation a reality. From backpacks to footwear to boat accessories, REI has the outdoors covered. We especially enjoy the On Sale link, where prices are slashed like a bare knee on a jagged rock. See, we're not really into vacations that can leave us injured, but if we can get a cool outfit and some nifty accessories on the cheap, we might give hiking or rafting a try someday. Hmm...2005 is less than a year away; maybe we should start planning. . .

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