Sinister Minister Mavs in Sync Butt Ugly Town

Laura Miller wants to blame the homeless, crime or city transit. Please. This city needs to get a clue. Look at some of the brighter spots, like Lower Greenville. Revive Deep Ellum, let it keep its funkiness. Build a park on the Trinity, make it a gorgeous green spot for people to run, walk their dogs, get on the river, take their families out. Where people go, shops come. Neighborhoods come after that. Diversity comes. Then, if you're lucky enough to need it, invest in your transportation.

Thank you, Jim Schutze and the Dallas Observer, for being a real voice for people here in Dallas. To others here who do add vibrancy to the city, from Deep Ellum to the wonderful Arts District, keep up the fight. For those who say, "Yankee, go home," well, I am. Along with the rest who leave this place.

Name withheld

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